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Fediverse Advent Calendar 2021の1日目の記事を運用してみての所感

如何在 Plume 嵌入讚賞鍵


Plume Development 2021-04-13

Preparing the next release v0.7.0

Plume Development 2021-03-29

Command to remove duplicated images



Plume Development 2021-02-22

Fix of image explosion problem and documentation improvement

I've started 14 days free trial of ""


Plume Development 2021-02-15

Reaching remote instances, menu on iPhone, image explosion

Plume Development 2021-01-25

New features, works in progress, developer's note, community activities

Plume Development 2021-01-18

Language supports, bug fixes, UI improvements, internal improvements

Plume 0.6.0 is out!

All Plume administrators are encouraged to update