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About The Good Law Project

The Good Law Project is a not-for-profit campaign organisation that uses the law to protect the interests of the public. We fight cases that defend, define or change the law and we use litigation to engage and educate. We challenge abuses of power, exploitation, inequality, and injustice.

We are a bold, young, organisation with a ground-breaking track record. We speak the truth and act with integrity. You can learn more about our organisation and our achievements in 2019 in our annual report.

The Good Law Project

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Going to Court for Tory Government's Award of Contracts to Abingdon Health for Rapid Antibody Tests

Abingdon Health has been marred by controversy since the very beginning, with Government suppressing reports that raised the alarm around the effectiveness of the tests.

Tory's Pork Barrel Politics

These are the building blocks for a one-party state. Nothing less than democracy is at stake.

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021 (“PCSC Bill”) – Briefing for MPs

A chilling direction for the United Kingdom